Wounded Heroes

Special Hospital/Re-Hab Facility Request

For Wounded Heroes and First Responders

  Here are some suggestions to improve your chances of obtaining a Santa:

  • First, your request should come from the Hospital Staff, Police or Fire Department or Military Command in charge of Patient and Family Services.  This is a request for a visit to a hospital or rehabilitation facility where our wounded heroes are being cared for and assisted.  This is normally not for a visit to a private home for an individual hero or their family.  We may only find a Santa available to make one visit during the season and it would be more practical if his charitable visit was to a group.  We hope you understand that we do have some limits to what we can do. 

  • If your request if of a special nature for a single individual Hero and his family, we will consider it, but do know what our main goals are, visiting a group of Heroes  and their families.

  • Make your request for a weekday visit, preferably Monday thru Thursday, and during the day.  Most Santa have their regular work on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, plus in the evenings.  Visits can be scheduled during any month.  Santa works 24/7/365.  We have done many events in the summer months and Santa visits wearing his vacation clothing.

  • Many of our Santas are members of Santa America and have received hospice and special needs training.

  • Events in the weeks prior to Thanksgiving will have a much better chance of securing a Santa, as the demands on Santa’s schedule are much greater after Thanksgiving and more difficult as you get closer to Christmas.

Wounded Heroes Special Request

Request form to have Santa visit a Military Hospital or Re-Hab facility.
  • Please list the name of the Hospital, Re-Hab Facility or Military Unit that Santa is being asked to visit.
  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • :
  • Please list the number of adults that Santa will be meeting with.
  • Please list the number of children that Santa will be meeting with.