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Thank you for visiting SantaCares.US.  We try to supply a Santa for every request, but can never guarantee that a Santa can be found for the exact day and time you request.  However, please know that our mission is to help you have a Santa for your special event.  We will do our best to contact every Santa in your region and see if we can find one who available to donate his time.

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 Here are some suggestions to improve your chances of obtaining a Santa:
  • If possible make your request for a group visit or a group event and not a visit to a single child or family.  We may only find a Santa available to make one visit during the season and it would be more practical if Santa’s charitable visit was to a group.
  • Make your request for a weekday visit, preferably Monday thru Thursday, and during the day.  Most Santas are already booked with their regular work Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays plus in the evenings.  Visits can be scheduled during any month.  Santa works 24/7/365.
  • Events in the weeks before Thanksgiving will have a much better chance of securing a Santa, as Santa’s schedule is very busy after Thanksgiving and even more difficult as you get closer to Christmas.
  • For Special Needs and Wounded Heroes requests, please know that many of our Santas are members of Santa America and have received hospice and special needs training.
  • Our goal is to find and supply a Santa to make a special appearance for non-commercial events where his appearance can enhance the results of a project or where his appearance adds something special to an otherwise deeply emotional event.  Private or Corporate Events that are more for publicity, promotion or the marketing of a business, service or product, while also assisting a charitable cause, will be considered, but on a case by case availability, plus evaluation as to the level of  charity versus business or marketing promotion.  For events of a marketing or promotion nature, please click here.

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 Once your information is received, we will contact you to discuss your request. 

All Santas supporting this work are volunteers and belong to various Santa Associations.  In some areas request may be handled by one of these associations.