U.S.O. Special Request

This special web site is run by volunteers and is only for those individuals and organizations that have been invited to submit a request.  Our Mission is to help connect those in need with a Santa who can visit or appear at a USO for a departing or arriving military unit or for a time when the facility has a high volume of military personnel and especially if families and children are present.

We work with hundreds of  volunteers across America who try give when it is possible.  It would be wonderful if we could supply a Santa for every request, but we can not guarantee that a Santa can be found for the exact day and time you request.  However, we will do our best to contact every Santa in your region and see if we can find one who can help.

  Here are some suggestions to improve your chances of obtaining a Santa:

  • Make your request for a group of military personnel, their children and families instead of a visit to a single family.  We may only find a Santa available to make one visit during the season and it would be more practical if his charitable visit was to a group.

  • Make your request for a weekday visit, preferably Monday thru Thursday, and during the day.  Most Santa have their regular work Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays plus in the evenings.  However we do understand that troop movements can be at any time, so we will do our best to support them. Visits can be scheduled during any month.  Especially if a military unit is shipping out early.  Odd hours, late nights or early morning  are possible.

  • Events in the weeks prior to Thanksgiving will have a much better chance of securing a Santa, as the demands on Santa’s schedule are much greater after Thanksgiving and more difficult as you get closer to Christmas.

  • Our goal is to find and supply a Santa to visit the local U.S.O.  Private or Corporate Events that are more for publicity, promotion or marketing of a business, service or product while also promoting assistance to the U.S.O. will be considered, but on a case by case availability and evaluation as to the level of charity versus business or marketing promotion. 

 Once your information is received, we will contact you to discuss your request